Below are some of the testimonials we’ve received while working with banks near and far!

It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial of my experience with ASI Management Companies over the last 16 years.  I have worked with Ray Saulnier, Randy Chouinard, and the ASI staff on dozens of construction projects, and have found them to be responsive, professional, and appropriate with their analysis and presentation.  I have also appreciated the way they work with the Bank’s customers on projects, and the significant value they add to the process by providing their expertise.  On more than one occasion, ASI has pointed out something that, left unchecked, could have caused major problems for both our customer and the Bank – in other words, we rely heavily upon ASI and their construction management expertise.  The ability to have a frank and candid conversation, and to address issues head-on, is an important part of what ASI brings to the table.

In summary, ASI has been great to work with, and I intend to continue doing business with them well into the future.  In an industry where “players often change uniforms”, I and several other bankers in my professional network have either started doing business with ASI, or brought ASI with them, when they made a career move – this is a testament to their status as a “go-to” service provider.

Peter W. Johnston

Senior Vice President, The Savings Bank

One of the most important aspects of construction lending is having a trusted partner from pre-construction reviews to progress monitoring through project completion.  ASI is truly that trusted partner for Georgetown Bank, and they have assisted the bank in hundreds of projects over the years.  They provide a timely and thorough pre-construction review and are true professionals in the field when doing site inspections with clients.  If a question or issue arises, we can count on ASI to immediately call and alert the bank to the issue, and then work with the bank to develop a solution/recommendation to resolve it.  I would gladly recommend ASI for any construction services.

Jason Hood

SVP/Commercial Team Leader, Georgetown Bank

Federal Savings Bank has been working with ASI Management for the last 15 years and found them to be extremely helpful. The transactions are smooth for both the lender and borrower and response time is great. There have been several cases that without their involvement the bank could have been exposed. I recommend them highly.


Bill Sawyer

Vice President, Federal Savings Bank

I have worked with Ray and his staff for 15 years on a variety of commercial and residential construction projects. Not only am I always convinced they have the Bank’s best interests in mind but, many times I have received comments back from my clients expressing their appreciation for ASI’s guidance and oversight during the pre-construction and construction processes.

William D. Young

SVP Chief of Lending, Optima Bank & Trust Company

It is my pleasure to speak about the twelve year relationship that I have had with ASI and the services they have provided. It all begins with the well laid out construction package and instructions. These documents are quite user friendly, even for the first time builder.

Once this package is completed and delivered to ASI we have always been able to expect a quick turn-around with approved run sheet and thoughtful inquiries to pursue.

Knowing that the paper chase of inspections, lien waivers, insurance certificates, site postings, and dispersal approvals are all being handled in a meticulous, organized fashion by ASI is thoroughly reassuring. Because of this consistent service I have relied on ASI, almost exclusively, to be engaged in projects ranging from residential additions, to new residential construction, subdivision oversight, and construction of industrial buildings.

Because they begin with “A”, they are easy to find in the Rolodex.

Philip Plante

Vice President, People's United Bank

I am happy to provide a highly favorable – and very truthful commentary, regarding our experience with ASI.

During the prior few years, the Bank has established a consulting engineer relationship with ASI Management Companies. We have been highly satisfied with the services of ASI based on accuracy, expediency and pricing. East Boston Savings Bank has used ASI repeatedly for both project engineering reviews during the construction loan application phase; as well as to complete the actual construction requisition inspections for various projects including apartment complexes, residential condominium units, condex units, and subdivision roadway infrastructure. We are impressed with how quickly ASI completes the inspection and delivers the inspection report – generally on the same business day. As construction lending is definitely a lending sector that requires excellent contractor customer relations, we feel that ASI is a vital member of our team.

Gail A. Pelletier

VP Commercial Lending Department, East Boston Savings Bank

The Institution for Savings truly values its long term business relationship with ASI Management and its efficient, professional team.  As the complexity and risks associated with residential and commercial construction lending have increased over the years ASI has provided us with expert oversight, responsive turnaround and appropriate flexibility throughout the construction management process. Our customers have also benefited by having knowledgeable, experienced professionals guiding them throughout the construction process. While they represent the Bank, they are really protecting the Borrower as well.  They do a masterful job and we are pleased to have them as a part of our team.

Anna Makos

Residential Lending, The Institution for Savings

The people at ASI have been an invaluable resource and quite literally an extension of our commercial construction lending team. ASI is a collection of highly experienced professionals that protect both the bank and the borrower with their extensive experience, delivered with an excellent bed-side manner. ASI is also very much accepted by the various contractors that the bank works with, primarily derived from mutual respect. I would highly recommend ASI’s services to any financial institution looking to acquire an excellent partner in the construction inspection and risk mitigation arena.


Charles F. Withee

Exec Vice President, The Provident Bank

ASI offers concise feedback in a timely & responsive manner. They keep the Bank informed, which in
return, keeps the project on task and moving forward. ASI ensures that the Bank is protected and is able
to proceed with the funding of the project. Their customer service is superior. I am a commercial lender
and have been in the banking industry for over 30 years and would recommend ASI.

Bonnie Breen

Vice President, Salem Co-Operative Bank

Due to the complexities of construction lending and the regulatory compliance associated with it, we have become more reliant on third party engineers to help us monitor and comply with regulations. I was introduced to ASI by my colleague about 12 years ago and I have used ASI exclusively since that time. I find that their fees are competitive and their expertise unmatched. Our customers have also come to appreciate ASI’s services. I would strongly recommend Ray and his staff.

Roger W. LaFlamme

Vice President, TD Bank North

As a banker, I find ASI Management Companies services indispensable. I rely on ASI to protect our interests and those of our clients on all of our construction products. In my 10+ year experience with the company and it’s Representatives, I have always found hem to be responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable. The process is simple , and most importantly..seamless. I have great confidence in ASI and it’s staff and would recommend them to anyone.

Stephen H. Witt

Senior Vice President, Eastern Bank

Piscataqua Savings Bank has enjoyed working with ASI for over twenty years receiving residential construction inspections.  They have been our eyes and ears on construction sites to assure completion of each project and confirming that the finished product meets our loan collateral requirements.  Reputation is so important to our organization, so choosing an inspection company that reflects our values is crucial.  ASI has always delivered the customized and respectful service that we expect.

Rick Wallis

President/CEO, Piscataqua Savings Bank

The construction supervision team at ASI has allowed our bank a greater comfort level in pursuing the financing of larger and more complex construction projects with the knowledge and peace of mind that projects will be administered in a prudent, professional and cost effective manner. ASI’s construction and inspection team provides a practical and cost effective solution for bank lending officers and administrative personnel who may no longer have the time or the requisite to properly supervise multiple construction projects.

ASI has been well received by our bank’s developers and contractors, providing valuable assistance with project budget preparation and cost saving alternatives.

Marc A. MacBurnie

Senior Vice President, Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank